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  • Driven by the autonomous community
  • Based on ETH underlying technology
  • Serving global users

Decentralized global edge computing super system

Inclusive value of technological innovation

ETHER DIMENSION is an underlying public chain developed and deployed by EtherV Foumdation to build a fully automated, decentralized, and 100% transparent on-chain system. ETV is a decentralized global edge computing super system, which can be used for a variety of general purposes, from web servers to scientific computing. ETV's effective way to solve global problems is to create a multi-purpose decentralized computing power market.

Scientific mining incentives

ETV implements an efficient and reasonable underlying incentive technology, through packaging rewards to incentivize miners to verify transaction information, maintain the continuous progress of mining activities and blockchain ledger updates, so that the entire ecosystem will continue to operate.

Super edge computing service

ETV allows idle devices to perform calculations and handle hard tasks. On the side close to the source of things or data, it adopts an open platform that integrates network, computing, storage, and application core capabilities to provide nearest-end services nearby.

Efficient design rendering capabilities

ETV distributes the existing rendering service framework through a token-based system on the Ethereum blockchain, and establishes a model on the ETV chain to connect users who are performing rendering tasks with people with idle computing power to process rendering work scenes.

Future-oriented commercial value

Shelf chains and side chains can be freely built on the ETV network to meet the commercial attributes of different users and scenarios. The unique compatibility of ETV can also achieve cross-chain transfer, which will enable you to interoperate with a wide variety of other blockchains on the ETV network.

Financial consumption transaction and scalability

ETV continues to penetrate into the real economy and financial consumption fields, realize the borderless circulation and exchange of tokens, and provide unprecedented economic scalability. All ETHER DIMENSION users can consume and trade through ETV.

Strong privacy protection and anonymous social

ETV introduces "shared security", multiple chains are protected by ETV's verification program. All blockchains are secured from the first day they are connected to ETV, avoiding privacy leaks, and achieving on-chain autonomous governance and indiscriminate communication.

ETV Incentive layer provides power for the entire ETHER DIMENSION network

There are four different uses of ETV tokens: governance, operation, pledge and global circulation


ETV holders can participate in community governance. All privileges on other platforms are exclusive to miners and will also be given to participants of the relay chain (ETV holders) including managing special events. (For example: protocol upgrade and repair, voting resolution of major events, etc.)


Incentivize ETV holders to act in a compliant manner. Participants who contribute more will be rewarded by the mining mechanism, while passive participants will lose their rights and interests in the ETV network, which ensures that the network is always safe and orderly.


By staking ETV tokens to develop new sub-chains, side chains or obtain related rights and interests, in order to continuously enrich the ETV network ecology. The pledged certificates are reasonably released or destroyed to ensure the healthy development of the entire system.

Global Circulation

Users who hold ETV or participate in mining can circulate transactions on a global scale. ETV aims to achieve value enhancement through the integration of technology and entities and turn it into a "digital gold" with a global consensus.

ETV Technical Team

Hubery Hart

One of the early investors of Ethereum and an internationally renowned blockchain investor. Investment projects include Public chain, exchange, blockchain ecological application and other fields.

Harold Bert

Participant in the development of Ethereum Istanbul hard fork technology, and at the same time a 3D vision expert, member of the World High IQ Club.

Kevin Forster

Former member of the Bitcoin Committee, presided over the development of the Lamb contract protocol. And made outstanding contributions in the field of Ethereum anti-hacking attacks.

Adolph Smollett

A computer genius, he developed the first software at the age of 13 and sold it to Oracle at a price of tens of millions of dollars. He is now the youngest independent developer in the blockchain industry.